Crosscode + ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s policy of dropping support after two version releases, and six-month release cycle translates into a mandatory annual upgrade — and that’s without adding new features!

Each time you want to add a new feature to your ServiceNow configuration or upgrade to a new version, you have to understand the complex dependencies and links in your system.

Crosscode gives you more visibility into your ServiceNow instances so you can:

  • Analyze Application Impact
  • Assess Upgrade Readiness
  • Increase Uptime Availability
  • Stay ServiceNow Compliant
Crosscode and ServiceNow

Discovery and Mapping

Crosscode maps across multiple ServiceNow instances and versions to assess upgrades, migrations, and 3rd party integrations.

Discovery and software mapping

Intelligent Change Analysis

Unlike ServiceNow, Crosscode reveals dependencies within tables, scripts, business rules, classes, and methods down to the schema level.

Crosscode change analysis

Audit Trail and Governance

Crosscode extends its real-time monitoring and alerts to further simplify and scale ServiceNow governance and compliance obligations.

Governance and audit trail for software

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